Building Youths, Building Future


One of the noble actions to endeavor is to work with the youth, either by teaching them or by inspiring them to unleash and discover their potentials (through special programs). Recently, I participated as a judge in an impromptu public speaking contest for youth. Students from four different schools presented speeches. We listened to sixty contestants from four schools and over eighty speeches.youth2

Students’ extemporaneous speeches astonished; full of creative delivery and content. Many of them opened our minds to think out of the box and understand new viewpoints of which we were not aware. “What is the song of your life?” was one question asked to some of them. Their interpretation of  “song” surprised me in a way that the song is the tweet of birds and the voice of waves, or the city’s noise that reflects our daily life.


The Top Three in Xtreme Xtempore Contest

I witness the abled youth to think, analyze and express their ideas creatively and competitively. The fruitful result of partaking in such programs (Youth Leadership Program) helped them improve their critical thinking and impromptu speaking skills.

I wish if every school cared to conduct similar programs for their students to discover their skills in public speaking and get the opportunity to express their ideas effectively.

Youths are the future and the hope for civilizations. Directing our efforts towards them unlocks their true potential and talents. To build the future generation with confidence, competence, and capability builds the future for our nation.


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